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Last seen 03 December 2021, 22:30
29 years old  United States


a woman,
5.3ft-5.6ft (161cm-170cm)
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About me:
I am nothing more than a young woman seeking to enjoy her life. I've been focused on the whole relationship bullsh*tfor quite some time only to find myself being unappreciated and hurt. I'm over investing myself emotionally to some ***hole that uses his free time to invest in someone else. I am genuine- what you see is what you get. I find the thought of myself playing some stupid part for someone to like me just plain ridiculous and pointless. I am kind, and I have found that my kindness is more often than not misinterpretted for weakness. Let it be known that I am far from weak. I know when someone takes me for a fool- whether I choose to put them on blast or not depends on how much of a fool they take me to be. I am far from stupid or ignorant. I am well-spoken and smart. I quite enjoy intellectual conversations and am completely okay with having a difference of opinion. I am not one to shove my opinion down your throat, nor am I one to judge you for not accepting my opinion as truth. I am easy-going by nature- I like to chill. I can chill without the need to carry a conversation. **** the small talk. It is far more awkward to sit and have petty conversations than to sit in one another's company and enjoy the peace in silence. I will admit, however, that I can be a ****- name one woman who can't say that; the **** is lying- I can be the worst **** you've ever met. I'll sit there and take the sh*tyou spit at me, and I won't say sh*tback- because what would I be if I sat around and entertained fools.. nothing more than an equal to fools- but just because I don't waste my time defending myself when I am being insulted doesn't mean I won't eventually have my fill. I know my place and I can only forgive disrespect towards me for so long. Respect to be respected. If you're gonna treat me like a little ****, you will be no more than that in my eyes until you show me respect. Listen, I am educated and am perfectly capable of supporting myself financially, so I'll make this sh*tclear: I do not want your money and I sure as hell don't need it. I'll also make this sh*tcrystal clear while I'm at it: I do not want, nor do I need, a tightass douche who refuses to pay for his lady, or some douche who keeps track of how much he spends for his lady only to throw it back at her at some later date, or worse, expects her to pay him back. That is no man in my eyes. I am very understanding; refusing to pay and being unable to pay are two very different things- if I have it and you don't, I got you, but I expect the same in return. I know I'm coming off as a complete ****, and at this point I just straight don't give a ****. If anything I've said is setting off some sort of red flag in your mind, you are more than likely just another douchebag whom I don't care to meet. I don't NEED a man, I WANT one. So either man up or get out, **** all that in-between bullshit. I am done getting played for a fool. I am potentially the most real, baddest, most loyal, down-to-earth, smart and humble woman you will ever come across.****, much? More like confident- I KNOW my worth. Oh- and I'm really good in bed, too. Also****? I just know what I can bring to the table. You can perceive me to be promiscuous. Frankly, I don't feel it necessary to defend myself; I know who I am. Get to know me. I guarantee that once you do get to know me, you'll realize how sweet and sincere I really am all while understanding why the **** in my tone on this description needed to come out. Kishes!

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