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Last seen 03 December 2021, 23:40
48 years old  United States


a woman, looking for a man aged 18-80
5.3ft-5.6ft (161cm-170cm)
Body type:
About me:
Online dating …what's wrong with this picture ...?Takes 5 minutes of meeting in person to know if there is anything to grow on…know this...?Goes something like this..?I am complex, if you have to look this up, NEXT might be the best option.??I am a reader, a writer, an ESL teacher ( not my day job ) and the best listener you will ever know. I need and want the same. I am simple, in that I am easy to please (do not read into that as you might be very disappointed!). I require the following, and offer it right back:?A brilliant, light-hearted, loving, tender, affectionate, did I mention brilliant, sweet, thoughtful, funny, (can laugh at himself), non-possessive, loves intimacy, loves to kiss and touch and hold hands, happy at home on a Friday night with your partner, MAN! ??I am looking for my best-friend who can hold his own in a pillow fight, can have a debate about anything, but also needs a run for his money in that department. ??I refuse to be with someone who has the need to argue and/or control (can't stand that, and see no need) I neither need nor want a keeper, but know what keeping your partner happy is all about;?..jealousy and insecurity have zero room in my life!!! I don’t want a gps on me and I won’t put one on you..transparency is a must right along with trust..its given, not earned in my book.??I love all kids and doggies. I want to meet the man of my dreams who everytime I see him, I just MELT DEEPLY, even if it was five minutes ago.??I will have waited for him my whole life, and he will have waited for me.??We will be everything to each other so much that everyone else will envy what we have.??We will be the couple that everyone wishes they were.??I am honest. I am loyal. I am faithful. Are you??Is one girl enough? Are you enough? Are we perfect for each other? No one girl enough! I am not forgiving in that world.. There's no room for cheating!! (why is this even a thing to say? In who’s “moral compass” training manual does it say “go ahead, be a cheater”?????Do we both long for a great love and will settle for nothing less??I am highly educated, are you? Do you have a love of culture and travel? Can you hang when you lose at chess? Can you stimulate my mind? Have you read more than your World Geography book in the 5th grade? (which we all know you did not!) ??I am happy with a deep and moving movie at home with or without someone. I am happy being alone, as I don't need a partner, as I only want the one who is perfect for me as I am perfect for him.??I am an introvert…being home alone and quiet does me a lot of good..I hope you know what this means. (no, it doesn’t mean shy!)??Do you take your health, mind, body and soul seriously? Do you think girls take too long to get ready? (I will apologize now) I am happy being me, are you???I love the intimacy that two people can share! I am unafraid to give all of me if I know it will be reciprocated. Rule of Reciprocity; Look it up!~?Do you believe in love at first site? I do..but I also believe that we all have a soul-twin,, it's just about being patient for the amazing human being who will drop out of the sky and right into your lap! (which btw, do you like to have a girl who wants to sit in your lap?)Love that!?Can you be the one? The very one I long for and will settle for nothing less.??If my Prince Charming is reading this, I am here, patiently waiting for you to come get me. ?Like I said, are you ready? Yes? Then come get me. I have been waiting my whole entire life! ??Lastly, please be emotionally available if you contact me..I know that is asking for the world…’s my profile ? so I can make outrageous requests..right?! Oh..and serial “texters” thanks..???Happy searching :)

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