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Last seen 04 December 2021, 04:50
29 years old  United States


a woman, looking for a man aged 18-80
5ft-5.25ft (151cm-160cm)
About me:
My personality is often described as goofy, spontaneous, tone deaf, witty, honest, kind of impatient, fiercely loyal and forever classy. <br/><br/>I love to travel, Switzerland and Israel are some of my favorite places in the world. Rolling in fields of flowers, drinking straight from the mountain stream, riding camels, spending a week camping with the Bedouin.. These memories and experiences are unforgettable!! <br/><br/>Besides, nothing in the world compares to getting stuck (and locked in) a train station bathroom in another country... Funny story, remind me to tell you all about it! <br/><br/>My family means the world the me, we are Israeli and Moroccan so we are very loud, very crazy, and lots of fun. You will always leave entertained.. And more than likely stuffed (whether you show up hungry or not, over feeding our guests is completely normal!). <br/><br/>Don't be alarmed to find people screaming at each other and gesturing wildly, Hebrew just comes across this way they are more than likely discussing the weather... Or politics... And in that case, stay far far far away! You will not win an argument with an Israeli, they are always right and unless you have nothing better to do than try to prove your point for the next four hours.. I suggest surrendering!! <br/><br/>Love to work, not a workaholic.<br/>I work for an Aviation Management company and although I love what I do and am very ambitious when it comes to my career, work stays at work. <br/><br/>Once I'm out of the office my mind is focused on getting home safely (this is Miami, people don't seem to notice there are other cars on the road..), taking the dog for a walk, and snuggling in bed with a glass of wine and a book (some people still read.. like for fun.. not weird, at all) <br/><br/>Honesty, loyalty, friendship, respect, and affection are qualities that I admire in a man. <br/><br/>Do I expect you to hold the door open for me? Not at all, I can certainly do it myself... But it's the guy that does hold the door open for me, simply because he wants to and that's just how he is, that really makes him stand out. <br/><br/> I will let you know right now, I don’t usually fall for most guys, but… I am not interested in most guys and that's what makes those few unique individuals that I do connect with all the more special. <br/><br/>That being said, be warned: <br/>I do not respond to, hey mami or wasssup honey. If this is the best you can come up with.. I'm not for you, please don't take that as a challenge it simply - will. not. work.

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