Wesley  James
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35 years old  Anthem, United States

Wesley James

a man, looking for a woman aged 28-50
5.61ft-5.9ft (171cm-180cm)
Body type:
About me:
I'm a little broken slowly putting the pieces of my heart back together, I am DAD of two of the greatest kids in the world, about two years ago we tragically lost the center piece of our world, I have a deep appreciation for families, and staying at home hanging with the kids, I'm No saint I make mistakes, I am human, I work my ass off to provide and to crawl out this hole I allowed myself to disappear from the world in coming into what was /is supposed to be the best years of my life I look at things differently, My priorities are shifting and my focus Is sharpening I have no time to play, it's time to Work. I need God to lead me, Sometimes you gotta disappear, take a break, come back and Shock the same people who counted you out! I WORK HARD in Silence,
I've had to walk away from distractions rather than allowing people to pollute my atmosphere, It's been one hell of a ride and their is a special someone out their reasons this that deserves me at my best!
I never paid attention to people and negative opinions I focus on me and make improvements where needed. I am Humble, I am Strong,. I am confident. When my wife/best friend/mother of my children died it took something outta me, when my son was taken it took something outta me, when I lost everything it took something outta me. Somebody once told me life is like an onion an you have to peel it one layer at a time and sometimes you cry.
Life is going to happen to you when you go after your dreams for so long I took the pain I had and made it personal. Why did this have to happen to me I wouldn't suggest it happen to anyone. If I took in all the pain I shared with others and chalked it up 80% don't care and 20% is glad it's me. I LEARNED to keep my mouth shut and let my success do the talking. It's time I leave my comfort zone.
It's time I start to reveal all my hard work.
I'm real good at disappearing I'm even better at showing up! If you made it this far, and you are still reading I am doing this because I HAVE.......
H = Hold
O = On
P = Pain
E = Ends
An ideal date:
It's been so so long........
Ideal date for me would be holding hands, vibing, smiling, feeling nervous, knowing that I am with the most beautiful woman in the world!! Being me, that would be ideal, it could be the top of south mountain looking over the valley, it could be at her house cooking while the kids ran in and out the whole time, ideal would be not wanting to end the vibe!!!
(5 days later) we emerge!!! That would be ideal not only for me but for her too,
What's understood, won't ever have to be explained!!
The best birthday ever:
I'll leave it to the imagination......
Cinema, Music, Cooking, Painting, Shopping, TV, Internet

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